Grave Gardener: Brooke Hine

A collection of photography from three years as a volunteer Grave Gardener at the Woodland cemetery in West Philadelphia.

Hine tends two cradle graves at The Woodlands and has documented every season of flowering plants.

  • Lydia Eastwick, b. 14 Feb. 1815 & d. 14 Dec. 1890(aged 74)
  • Harvey W. Leech, b. 10 July 1873 & d. 4 March 1886(aged 12)


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B Nice B Cause | Sam Lugiano

Sam Lugiano was chosen as the “B Nice B Cause” liberty bell winner for 2018. Sam trains in traditional Thai boxing/kickboxing, called Muay Thai, at Royal Striking in South Philadelphia. Sam has offered financial help for the fighter’s medical exams, he attends almost every Royal Striking bout, and he helps RS students and teachers with some of the best chiropractic care at Lugiano businesses around the city of Philly.

Most recently he had his first bout in Muay Thai. What an amazing goal to achieve! Here’s a Q & A with Sam Lugiano.

  • Sam Lugiano: 55
  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Training in Muay Thai: 8 years

Q: Have you ever changed careers? A: Yes, I changed careers to pursue a job that I was interested in and to have fun while doing it. In order to accelerate my learning in this new career, I used job hopping as a way to quickly learn and move up the ladder.

Q: At what age did you start training in Muay Thai? A: 47

Q: Why did you start training in Muay Thai? A: To improve my conditioning, stay young, and to learn something completely new that was challenging.

Q: What do you remember most about your first Muay Thai bout? A: A completely unexpected sense of calm right before the bell rang. And my coach, Aaron Meisner, completely supported me and prepared me for my first fight. And outside the ring I could hear my opponent’s family and friends screaming.

Q: Do you think your career and Muay Thai intermingle in any way? A: Yes because I had to learn something completely new and in order to progress, I switched gyms and trainers until I found the right gym to accomplish this.

Q: Did your mindset change when you started to fight train? A: Yes, I had more confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

CONGRATS, Sam! We all appreciate your charming personality, your ability to work hard, and your meticulous cleanliness. I hope you enjoy the liberty bell trophy.

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Mount Airy Contemporary : 10th Anniversary

Your Plus-One is an invitational exhibition of all artists who have shown at MAC over the past decade plus an artist of their choice.
  • ReceptionMay 11th, 6-9 PM
  • Exhibition closes: June 15th
  • 25 W Mount Airy Avenue, Philadelphia, PA  19119


Brooke Hine chooses Richmond, Virginia artist: Julie Elkins.

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The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Art Party at Cherry St. Pier

  • Thursday, May 2nd @ 6PM- 9PM
  • Cherry St. Pier
  • 121 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia PA 19106

Silent Auction | Delicious Fare | Sophisticated Cocktails

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Beef -N- Beer FUNdraiser

Saturday, March 9, 4-10pm

Skeletor Gong Karaoke, Beef- N Beer FUNdraiser

My fabulous friend, James Myers, has MS. Unfortunately, he’s in and out of the hospital and needs his wheelchair to get around. Right now he’s trying to buy a van with a ramp so he can leave the house.

James is a wonderful friend and it would mean so much to me if we could raise money for him. Even $5 will go a long way. Please help my strong and determined friend!

I’m donating two bells for the raffle. If anyone knows me and wins- I’ll ship for FREE.

From The Times Gerald:

Please contact link for donating money and/or raffle tickets!

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Holiday Sales

  • The ABBAYE in Northern Liberties on December 2nd from 10-3pm
  • THE HANDMADE BRIGADE, December 8th, 1241 Carpenter Street Studios, South Philadelphia, 2nd floor, 11-6pm

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We Are Here: CraftNOW

A group exhibition of eleven artists working with glass, ceramics, metals, textiles, and wood. This exhibition is a reflection on how these selected 1241 artists take a conscious approach to build a community, collaborate with charities, or address issues in today’s Contemporary culture.

  • Curator: Leila Cartier , Executive Director, CraftNOW
  • “B Nice B Cause” | B Hine Liberty Bell trophy’s | A tribute to the nice people of Philadelphia

    Participating Artists: Alice Austin Alyse C. Bernstein Leila Cartier Melissa Crotty Kay Healy Brooke Hine Anne Koszalka Pam Lethbridge Jim Loewer Louise Pezzi Kristin Schattenfield-Rein

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